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Bakup Medical Ethics Charter

Who are the practitioners concerned?


- Practitioners who are interested in boosting tourism in their area of activity.
- Practitioners who are sensitive to the health needs of travelers.
- Practitioners who understand that these different needs require a facilitated care pathway.

- Practitioners who understand that travelers need clear and comprehensive information in order to be reassured in their choice of practitioner.
- Practitioners who are committed to taking travelers as quickly as possible according to their schedule.
- Practitioners who know that, as healthcare professionals practicing in their area, they are in the best position to advise and guide travelers, giving them the benefit of their local medical network.
- Practitioners who can practice their profession in at least one foreign language.

It is inspired by the deontological provisions adopted by medical associations and similar bodies empowered to adopt rules in this field.

Its legitimacy stems from the work carried out over many years by the European Conference of Medical Associations and similar bodies.

Practitioners listed on Bakup agree to abide by the Bakup Charter of Medical Ethics.

Principle 1

The bakup healthcare professional defends human physical and mental health.
They relieve suffering while respecting human life and dignity, without discrimination of any kind.

Principle 3

The bakup practitioner is committed to putting the patient's health interests first.

Principle 5

The healthcare professional is the patient's necessary confidant. He betrays his trust by revealing what he has learned from him.

Principle 7

The practitioner undertakes to inform bakup of any change of practice location or availability.

Principle 9

The practitioner advises and guides travelers, giving them the benefit of his local medical network.

Principle 11

Practitioners certify that they are covered by professional insurance.

Principle 2

Physicians practice their profession with conscience, dignity and independence towards themselves and others.

Principle 4

The practitioner provides the patient with the most appropriate and indispensable care, without discrimination.

Principle 6

The bakup practitioner makes sure that the traveler understands the diagnosis and treatment dosage.

Principle 8

The practitioner undertakes to honor all appointments accepted from bakup travelers.

Principle 10

Practitioners are committed to being responsive to travelers' various requests.

Principle 12

Bakup healthcare professionals must be registered with the medical association. Where this exists in the area of practice.

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