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Bakup is the easiest way to find a health professional who speaks your language.

1. After creating an account,

You will be prompted to select a profile between Traveler and Health professional.

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2. By choosing the traveler profile, 

bakup geolocates you and shows you the number of health professionals around you.


You can navigate the map and select filters to refine the search radius and look for a specific specialty.

To view and contact the doctors, click on the See more button.

3. Bakup then offers you to choose between two formulas:

- A yearly subscription: take advantage of Bakup all year round during your international travels.
- A 24h access.
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Group 183.png

4. After having proceeded to the payment

You will be able to use the filters to refine your search and quickly find the health care professional that matches your needs.

Group 186.png

5. Access health care professionals' information

You will be able to visualize the Bakup health professionals referenced according to:

- Their proximity 
- The language(s) spoken
- The cost of the consultation
- Their qualifications
- Their opening hours 
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